Alice Bever - Actor and Director - Wyoming

Bild des Benutzers Alice Bever - Actor and Director - Wyoming

Performer, director, educator and playwright, I am inspired to investigate, story tell, amuse and bemuse. Theater is my how I serve the world and how I learn to be the best version of myself. I am honored to be invited to collaborate with Bluespots Productions on such an innovative and important undertaking.

Was ist Kunst für Dich?: 

¨elusive, ephemeral, ethereal, art is the pulse of honesty in the formation of starlings and the sound of forks against a plate at sunday dinner time. art is my attempt towards embracing the everyday divine in the subtlety in which i choose to receive it. it is breast, tooth, plastic, desperation and perfect love. when i carve out a space to manifest the courage to honestly observe my surroundings, i subsequently access a tantalizing joy that illuminates, pulsates and calls me to give in to the addiction of creation. i also understand that if i am able to humbly enter into the relationship to the process of seeing with curiosity and openness, then i am less attached to the outcome of what i am creating. that is, if i am not greedy with the result, then what grows from this curiosity expands and i am a child again: living with fascination, chasing ladybugs, excited about the feeling of rain on my shoulders. i belong, i commune, i give and i give in to the non-linear absurdity of enjoying a moment just because. for me, art is truth that transcends definition, form, nobility or concept. and certainly, i feel most alive and contagious when i fully engage in highlighting life with heart and then give it back to the world without asking anything in return.¨